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Find Your County Commissioners

You can find your county commissioners by downloading the district map found here.

District One

South Fulton

Donnie Brasswell

Andy Crocker

Ralph Pucket

District Two

Northwest Union City and Woodland Mills

Kenneth Barnes

Allen Nohsey

Ryan Ellegood

District Three

Kenton, Rives, Airport, and Mason Hall

Blake Cheatham

Ricky Boyd

Rob Holman

District Four

Northeast Union City

Richard Arnold

James Gray

Dwayne Hensley

District Five

Hornbeak, Samburg, Shawtown, and Cloverdale

Paul Albright

Jerry Lamastus

James Beasley

District Six

Troy and Obion

Eugene Hudgins

Terry Roberts

Donnie Walton

District Seven

South Union City

Jim Bondurant

Sam Sinclair, Jr.

Steve Goodrich