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Health Department

What We Do

The County Health Department offers the following services:

Maternal and Child Health

The maternal and child population has long been a focal point of public health programs. Local health departments provide a wide variety of services aimed at reducing infant mortality, lowering the adolescent pregnancy rate, encouraging early entry into prenatal care, and reducing childhood morbidity.

Services include screenings and follow ups for children with potential lead poisoning, outreach, intensive case management, family planning, prenatal care, mammography screening, and the development of comprehensive school health programs.

Child Health/TennCare Kids

TennCare Kids is a full service health care program that includes screenings, checkups, and other health care services for children who are enrolled in TennCare. TennCare Kids screenings (EPSDT’s) are well-child checkups consisting of a health history, a complete physical, lab tests (as appropriate), immunizations, vision/hearing screening, developmental/behavioral screening (as appropriate), and advice on how to keep your child healthy.


Immunizations against polio, diphtheria, whooping cough, lockjaw, measles, mumps, rubella (German measles), Hemophilus, strep pneumococcal, chicken pox, Hepatitis, B are provided for children. Influenza (flu) and pneumonia immunizations and diptheria-tetanus boosters are also available to adults for lasting protection against these diseases.

General Environ. Health

Environmental Health Specialists are located in each county. The environmental health specialists inspect food service establishments, camps, hotels, motels, bed and breakfast establishments, tattoo parlors, and public swimming pools. They also conduct environmental surveys in schools, child care facilities, and monitor rabies control.

Family Planning

Patients will receive a complete physical exam, including all appropriate lab tests, and are taught about birth control methods, as well as supplied with their chosen method (unless there is a medical reason that it would be dangerous). Many infections and other contraceptive problems can also be treated.

Sexually Transmitted Illness Control

This department provides confidential testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS.

HUGS (Help us Grow Successfully) Children’s Special Services (CSS)

Home visits are made by a public health social worker to families whose infants may be at risk for medical or developmental problems. This follow-up begins during the prenatal period. Teen mothers and their infants are given highest priority. Assistance with medical treatment for children to age 21 may be given when they have special medical needs and the family is financially unable to provide for care. This service may also include hearing and speech services.

Health Education

A health educator is available to provide educational services to patients and community groups including teens/adolescents upon request. A dental hygienist is also available to provide dental education upon request.

Tuberculosis Control

Diagnosis, treatment, and follow up of the tuberculosis patient and contacts are provided. Medication, when needed, is available at the health department.

Primary Care

Primary care services are offered at health departments in Carroll, Crockett, Dyer, Gibson (Trenton), Henderson, Henry, Lauderdale, McNairy, Obion, Weakley, and Tipton.

Dental Sealants and Dental Programs

All Children attending schools where 50% of students receive reduced or free lunches are eligible for screening, exam, sealant, and referral to a dentist if necessary. There is a dentist on staff for children in Fayette, Gibson, Tipton, Hardeman, Madison, and Carroll Counties. Adults are seen on an emergency basis only.

Vital Records

Birth and death information are collected and sent to the State’s Office of Vital Records. Copies of death certificates are issued upon request. Certified copies of birth certificates for persons born in Tennessee, starting in the year 1949 or after may be requested through the health department. The Department of Health maintains a central registry of births, deaths, fetal deaths, marriages, divorces, adoptions, and the legitimations in the state. Certified copies of these records are available at the Vital Records office in Nashville and on the Vital
Records Website.

Office of Minority Health

Office of Minority Health and Disparities Elimination will promote continuous improvement for disparity elimination by enabling cooperation and collaboration among minority communities and disparity populations with TDH programs and
services. The office helps other TDH divisions, offices, and agencies identify, assess, and address health disparities. The office also provides oversight and guidance for the Office of Faith-Based Health Initiatives which engages faith community organizations to help address their health disparities.

Emergency Preparedness

The Emergency Preparedness program coordinates with the federal, state, and regional partner agencies, like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency, and local health departments to identify resources and planning needs.

Nutrition/WIC-Women, Infants and Children

WIC’s mission is to safeguard the health of women, infants, and children up to age 5 who are at a nutritional risk by providing nutritious foods to supplement diets, information on healthy eating, and referrals to health care. Vouchers to buy nutritious foods (cheese, milk, cereal, etc.) are issued to women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and children under five years of age, who are at risk of poor growth, based on if they meet the income guidelines. A nutritionist is available to teach individuals or groups proper nutrition for everyday living. Registered dietitians counsel individuals with special dietary needs, such as hypertension, diabetes, and weight management.

Motor Voter Program

Voter registration forms are available along with assistance in completing the forms will be provided.

Certified Application Counselor (CAC)

The Health Department offers Presumptive Eligibility enrollment for pregnant women. The Certified Applications Counselor will assist the applicant with TennCare enrollment for their prenatal needs and the needs of the newborn baby.

Breast and Cervical Screening Program

The Breast and Cervical Screening Program provides breast and cervical cancer screening to eligible women, including diagnostic follow up tests for those with suspicious results. Women diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer, or pre- cancerous conditions for these cancers are enrolled for treatment coverage through the state’s TennCare Program. All women for any service (screening, diagnosis, or treatment) must meet the general eligibility guidelines for the program.

Baby & Me Tobacco Free TM

Baby and Me Tobacco Free is a program whose mission is to reduce the burden of tobacco on our society. The program provides testing for tobacco use, counseling, support, and incentives to encourage pregnant women and their partners to stop smoking, in addition to continue to be tobacco free after the birth of the baby.