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Boards and Committees

Our Boards and Committees

Budget Committee

Sam Sinclair, Chairman

Richard Arnold
Ricky Boyd
Allen Nohsey
Terry Roberts
Ralph Puckett
Paul Albright

Finance Committee

Jim Bondurant, Chairman

Benny McGuire
Tracey Westbrooks
Steve Goodrich
Ryan Ellegood
Allen Nohsey
Andy Crocker

Highway Commission

John McConnell
Larry Gray
Lee Jay Hobbs
Jerry Ray McCollough
Larry Albright
Neal Dotson
Robert (Bob) Nichols

Nursing Home Board

Janis Lacewell
Bobby Williams
Tracey Batey
Patrick Smith
Timmy Gant
Patsy Barker
Sonny Yarbrough

Solid Waste Committee

Samburg and Obion County
Obion, Troy, and Obion County
Union City, Woodland Mills, and Obion County
Kenton, Rives, and Obion County
South Fulton and Obion County

Robert Griffin
Eugene Hudgins
Bob Stephens
Ricky Boyd
David Peeples
James Gray
Richard Arnold

Below is a link to download a PDF copy of the Obion County House District and current Voter Precinct Map.

Color Voting Map 2010