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Clerk and Master

What We DO

Paula Rice is the Obion County Clerk and Master.  She is the court official for Chancery and Probate Court and has been serving in this capacity since 1980. She has worked in the office since 1971.  This is an appointed office by the Chancellor for a six-year term.

The word “Chancery” is synonymous with “equity”.  Chancery Court has now come to be known as a Court of equity and is largely derived from the civil law of the Romans and its early development in England.  Chancery Court hears such cases as adoptions, divorces, at times orders of protection, legitimations, divorce modifications, name changes, suits for damages, appeals from administrative hearings, suits for a specific performance, will contest, removal of disability of minority, declaratory judgments, suits to collect a debt, partition suits, delinquent property tax suits filed by the County and many Cities, and other real estate matters. 

What specifically is probate court in Tennessee?  Probate court is vested with all the jurisdiction relating to the estates of minor’s, incompetent persons, or deceased individuals whether they died with or without a will.  Some of these type cases are probate in solemn form, intestate administration, ancillary administration, small estate affidavits, muniment of title administration, administration ad litem, guardianships and conservatorships.

The Clerk and Master is the principal administrative officer to the Chancery Court, providing assistance in the areas of courtroom administration and records management, docket maintenance, revenue management and maintenance of court minutes as Clerk. 

The Clerk of the Chancery Court, in addition to all the duties and powers that Court Clerks generally have, are also authorized to perform all the functions of a Master in Chancery and is therefore given the title of Clerk and Master. The Master is a judicial officer, and is clothed with many powers of the Chancellor. Like, signing orders of probate, investigating and reporting to the court on specific matters. 

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We are here to serve the citizens of Obion County and strive to so in a courteous, friendly, efficient and professional manner. If anyone has questions or comments please feel free to contact Paula at: